Who is this product made for?
Anyone who needs to separate space around a bed
Can this product be used in dorm rooms?
YES! This product was made with dorm rooms in mind!
Does EZPrivacy take up any extra space?
No, it sets up snug next to a bed… No extra space needed at all!
Does EZPrivacy use any screws or nails in the walls or ceiling?
Nope! We know that dorm rooms do NOT allow this, we thought ahead! :)
What are the poles made of?
Anodized steel. Made from strong steel to provide stability.
Why would I need this product?
To gain some personal space in an area where it is limited.
How many people does it take to put together?
It takes one person for the majority, however a helping hand is needed through the last couple steps.
What tools are required to assemble EZPrivacy?
One allen wrench, which is included in the box.
How long does it take to put it together?
Approximately 20 minutes.
Does it come in different colors?
The curtains come in black & grey currently - However any aftermarket curtains can also be used.

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