The System

In the past, privacy in a dorm room was non-existent. After all, you’re not allowed to drill any holes into the ceiling or walls to hang curtains from.

But now, with the EZPRIVACY system, you can have the privacy you desire because there is no damage to the ceiling or walls.

In the world we live in today, our privacy is all but gone. Spying eyes have never been more prevalent.

With the EZPRIVACY system, all you have to do is draw the curtain and give yourself the privacy you need!

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Sometimes we all need a little personal space. With the EZPRIVACY bed curtain system you get the personal sanctuary you long for when you share a room.

Closing the curtain creates a cozy space where you can study or sleep without any distractions.

The EZPRIVACY system basically gives you your own room inside your dorm room.

Creating a home away from home. When hitting the books, you’ll have a quiet space right in your own room.