Our Story

Chris Koontz, co-founder of the EZPRIVACY Bed Curtain System, noticed while attending Chapman University, that students around campus balanced curtains from boxes, draped blankets from rope, and much more to create a shred of privacy in cramped rooms.
“I knew holes in the ceiling and curtains hanging from the wall weren’t allowed”.  However, people still need to find a little privacy and students were just trying to get it anyway they could without causing damage to the walls.
One day I was having a conversation about this with my mom, Lori Koontz, who is an interior designer.  She was working on a project for dorm room housing at the time, so she was already tuned into college students.  As an interior designer, she is used to solving problems for her clients.  She said she would give it some thought and get back to me.
It wasn’t long after that, we were out having dinner one night, and she mentioned that she had come up with a way for students to have the privacy they wanted, without causing any damage to the ceiling and walls.  It was then that she shared with me her idea and how she had researched it and no one had anything like it on the market.
I believe I told her “that is a million dollar idea” and from there we began the journey of what is now called, The EZPRIVACY Bed Curtain System.  After several years of research and development, prototypes, manufacturers, names, logos, and color changes, EZPRIVACY was born!
– Chris Koontz & Lori Koontz   EZPRIVACY Founders